What is a digital publisher?

what is digital publisher

What is a digital publisher?

First, I thought of the word publishing.

Publishing can be translated into publishing in Korean. Publishing is the work of making one’s content visible to others and is generally provided to others in the form of printing.
Your content here may be some intangible know-how, knowledge, etc., or some type of product. It’s a common publisher’s job to express it in a way called printing and through various media.

What is digital?

You can also make a broad expression that digital is everything that electrical signals come and go. The most commonly available media include ‘smartphones’ and ‘PC’.cropped-smartPhone.png
So, if you combine these two concepts,
A digital publisher is a person who publishes a customer’s product online.
Platforms that can be utilized include mobile apps, their webs, e-books, social media, blogs, and major online media.
Customer’s products may include company introduction, product introduction, know-how, and ideas.
If you understand from this point of view, I think you can understand the meaning of digital publishers.

WordPress-logo-stacked-RGB. I use a platform called ‘WordPress’ to publish on the mobile/desktop web. For e-books, we use Kakao Page, Google Play, and Apple App Store.
I didn’t look up whether the word digital publisher was originally used or standardized. However, in the process of analyzing my work, I wanted to find the right word, so the word that came out is “digital publisher.” ^^

If you have any questions about digital publishing, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you.