How Traditional Book Publishing Fully Changed with Technology

How Traditional Book Publishing Fully Changed with Technology

From the beginning, it is believed that book publishing is a sector which always has immense possibilities of change. Today, when we are living in the 20th century, digital technology has completely changed the way we read the book. Today, digital reading has taken the place of real books and with just one touch we can open the store of books.

There is no denying that digital publishing has forced traditional book publishers to completely change the way they do business. The recession which was witnessed in the whole world in 2008 has also caused a huge loss to the book publishing sector and since then this sector has been continuously declining.

Earlier, there were quite a few big names in traditional book publishing, which either got over after this recession or merged with another publishing house. When the Amazon Kindle came in the market in early 2007, book publishers thought of it as a bell of dangers and from then on they started finding new ways to protect their reputation and protect their business.

In today’s time when everyone has a smartphone, everyone keeps a large collection of books digitally in their pockets. In view of this, every publisher tries to make his book accessible to everyone through the e-book and even if a book is printed physically, it is also made available through the digital e-book. The E-book is a convenient and better opportunity for everyone because the publisher can reach many sections of readers through it, publishing of e-book costs less and readers can easily buy many books at once.

For this reason, many old and classic books were converted into e-books and they were made more enjoyable for today’s generation so that they could reach a large section of the youth. But still, a big problem in front of the publishers is that they find it very difficult to find such people who can give the real price of their books because most people consider e-book as free books like the internet.

In the earlier times, if any writer wrote a story or article, he kept it hidden so that no one would steal his story and he used to sell his story to a publishing house because it was not possible to convey his story to the people without the help of any publishing house. But now anyone can easily publish their articles and stories digitally and reach everyone through the e-book.

The writer has benefited from this, but it has caused a big loss that has led to a lot of cheap and fake stories on the internet which were published previously only by any publishing house only after the quality check. Audiobooks are going to be in due course because they can be heard easily without any effort and everyone can finish listening to more books in less time than to read them blindly.

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