Is This The 'Future Book' That We Are Expecting

Is This The ‘Future Book’ That We Are Expecting

If you are looking for a future book here, then you are searching for the wrong place, because I think you will definitely agree that, in this age of infinite distraction, a “book” as a book the strongest asset is its singular, persistent, distraction-free, joyful and unchanging voice, which makes it a masterful book that needs no further development. Although everything changed now, along with technology, it enabled a book, fostering a quiet revolution.

Over time, we have seen more than one innovation in technology, which includes many devices. The iPhone was actually launched in June 2007 and the Kindle in November. And then in 2010 the iPad arrived. All these devices were in our hands and bags equipped with high-resolution screens and many other features. If we look at these points, it was as if it could finally be here: the fantastic Future Book.

Dennis Johnson, the author of the “Triumph Over the Grave” short story, writes at the end of his story that it is nothing. “The world keeps turning. It is clear to you that by the time I write this, I am not dead. But until probably you will read it.”

If we look at the use of technology, perhaps the look and interactivity of the “standard book” will be changed in the future, as screens are inexpensive and durable unlike paper. Today, due to technology, books which have been reduced have come into our hands in the form of digital or print.

A Publishing Revolution

If you talk twenty years before today, then a pile of words was needed to make a book on your own, but with that you also needed a lots of cash. In which there were many tasks like editing, design, proof and a printer to be printed etc. was required. They needed space to be stored. They were required to ship elsewhere. You needed to distributor to get you into Barnes and Noble. And a marketing budget was needed to get you to that front table.

But today you only need words to publish a digital book, you can skip all other steps. In which there is more than one platform available. For printed books, it is very easy to find new funding, production distribution and for selling a book.

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