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"Welcome to the official home of INVENTION MYSTERIES. Here you'll find the 2 books that I wrote -- which make great Christmas presents -- along with information on our syndicated newspaper column, NIE materials and also the TV and radio versions of the Invention Mysteries stories."

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What NIE Coordinators are saying about the

“Paul Niemann’s Invention Mysteries stories have been a hit with our teachers and their students.  And Paul is great to work with.”
-- Nancy Govoni; NIE Manager of the Daytona Beach News - Journal

“The Invention Mysteries series has been a tremendous success! We ran the stories for 20 weeks in two dailies and increased our NIE circulation by over 1,000 papers in each newspaper, each week! We had two local businesses sponsor the page in both papers and received $8,500 in sponsorship revenue. We’d love to run twenty more.”
-- Cheryl Showstack; Educational Outreach Manager of The Enterprise (Brockton, MA) and The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, MA)

Invention Mysteries received positive comments from our sponsors ... I have two sponsors who sponsor the stories at $50 each. You have been great to work with and I love your stories.”
-- Nelia Fonseca; NIE Coordinator of The Herald News, Fall River, MA)

“We had a lot of new subscribers sign up for the paper on the day INVENTION MYSTERIES first ran.”
-- Hastie Kinter; NIE Coordinator of the Indiana (PA) Gazette

"The Pleasanton Express has just finished publishing eight installments of Paul Niemann’s INVENTION MYSTERIES. These stand-alone chapters provide readers with insightful stories behind well-known inventions and the gifted inventors behind them. INVENTION MYSTERIES stories are great for Newspapers in Education programs, area teachers and adults. Each chapter includes art work and newspaper activities, all at a great price. Learn the surprising details behind trademarks, the World Wide Web, the material used for bullet-proof vests and much, much more. INVENTION MYSTERIES will entertain your readers, and teach them at the same time." 
-- Lisa Luna, Lifestyles Editor / NIE coordinator of the Pleasanton (TX) Express

What other newspapers and readers are saying about the Invention Mysteries books ...

"Paul’s articles are a blend of information and entertainment." – Inventors’ Digest

"Paul Niemann's Invention Mysteries column is a perfect blend of drama, enlightenment, and just plain fun, appealing to readers of all ages." – Mexico (MO) Ledger

"Reading his columns is like listening to a good teacher, a good storyteller. He chooses interesting details and adds humorous touches every time." – Lincoln (IL) Daily News

"Niemann's witty, personable writing style draws you into his fact-filled columns, and before you know it, you've learned something." – Bolivar (MO) Herald-Free Press

"... the articles are entertaining and well written. Most enjoyable!" – G. Nelson, via e-mail

"Good job. You have a style that is readable and factual." – R. Scheinkman, St. Louis, MO

"Paul Niemann's Invention Mysteries column is a perfect blend of drama, enlightenment, and just plain fun, appealing to readers of all ages." – J. Sims, Mexico, MO

"... have enjoyed the many informational and neat-to-know items and stories." – B. Weir, Clay Center, KS

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much I enjoy your Invention Mysteries column. I wish everyone in America, and the world, could read what you have written." – B. Atkins, Jonesville, LA

"Enjoyed your article on Da Vinci the inventor." – B. Boles, via e-mail

"Keep Invention Mysteries coming. Quite informative and interesting. I have learned things about inventors and inventions that I had not been exposed to before." – H. Helm, Comanche, TX

"Paul Nieman’s insightful look into the mysteries of many common and not-so-common inventions, and the people behind them, adds a dimension of variety." – D. Osborn, Ozark, MO

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