The Little-Known True Stories of the Men & Women who Shaped America

ATTN: Newspaper Editors, Online Managers & Advertising Managers ...

More and more newspapers are adding video to their web sites ... and here's one way to do it: Present your viewers with video that is both entertaining AND educational to keep them coming back for more! This series made its debut in April of 2009 and has already proven popular with viewers. 

Introducing: RED, WHITE & TRUE MYSTERIES ...
Paul Niemann's true stories of the men & women who shaped American history
have appeared in print in more than 80 markets as a syndicated newspaper column since 2003, and they're now available as a weekly video feature. Best of all, you can have advertisers pay you for it, so it brings in a nice monthly revenue stream for you EVERY MONTH for as long as you carry the series. 

These weekly 60-second videos are for newspaper web sites and is based on Paul's syndicated newspaper column. The audience for this video series includes: Women & men, children & teachers. It is ideal for your NIE program or for your website in general, and it makes HISTORY FUN !!! See why one newspaper publisher recently said, "We need to add this to our website ... This is a no-brainer."

Here are a few screen shots of Paul in costume from the studio where we film the show ...

As Uncle Fester from The Addams Family

As Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's

Can you figure out who each famous character is? Click on any of these links to watch the video as it would appear on your website:

The Toymaker:

The 1st Patent Commissioner:

The Inventor / Pilot:

The Cowboy / Actor:

Here are a few more videos. Click on the name to watch each one:

Melvin Jerome Blank

Ruth Wakefield

Anna Roberts

Margaret "Molly" Brown

Claudia Taylor

Dr. Geisel

Leif Ericsson

Sarah Bush

You get a new story each week, and each story stays on your website all week long. Call today to get signed up before November 15 and you will receive the introductory pricing, as shown below.


Print version:

Video version: Cost is double the print version

Cost per series is based on circulation, as shown here:

Circulation size:

Price per month for newspaper:

under 10,000 circ.

$36 per month

over 10,000 circ.

$48 per month



Cost for video series is based on your circulation, as shown here:

Circulation size:

Price per month for web sites:

under 5,000 circ.


5,000 -- 20,000


20,000 -- 50,000


50,000 -- 100,000


over 100,000



If you sign up for the video series by November 15, you will get the print version for FREE for as long as you carry the video series.
Please call (800) 337-5758 or send Paul an e-mail at to order or if you have any questions. Thanks!

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