December 26, 2006

The News-Press / NIE
ATTN: Ms. Evie Rosen
2442 Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Dear Evie —

Here are the 30 stories that I picked out for you, along with their categories. Feel free to add anything to the activity guides or change them. The guides ask the students to use the News-Press to explore each story topic further.

Since you have an Edison home in your area, I included some articles about Thomas Edison. I added 5 extra (bonus) articles at the end, which you can use in addition to these, or you can use any of them to substitute for any of the others (in case you find any that you don’t like).

I will call you in a couple days to see if you have any questions. Thanks again, Evie!

Best Regards,