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Learn the difference between a trademark, a copyright and a patent?
Here’s why you’ve never heard of the OTHER person who invented the telephone
Which U.S. Presidents were the most successful inventors?
Who invented the World Wide Web — and why did he choose to NOT patent it?
“Everything that CAN be invented — has already BEEN invented,” and other famous invention-related quotes

Screen Doors for Submarines and Lead Balloons: 21 of the craziest inventions of all time
We might have lost World War II if not for this little-known “invention”
Could this be the greatest invention of all time? You decide …
The debate continues … What’s the greatest invention of all time?
The verdict is in: This is the greatest invention of all time
The case of the missing Monkey
“The Invention Mysteries series has been a tremendous success! We ran the stories for 20 weeks in two dailies and increased our NIE circulation by over 1,000 papers in each newspaper, each week! We had two local businesses sponsor the page in both papers and received $8,500 in sponsorship revenue. We’d love to run twenty more.”
— Cheryl Showstack; Educational Outreach Manager of The Enterprise (Brockton, MA) and The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, MA)

Necessity is NOT always the mother of invention
Necessity is not the mother of invention … these women are
Invention Mysteries pop quiz
What does this man of peace have to do with dynamite?
Would Mark Twain have preferred to be an inventor rather than a writer?
It was quite a year for this “mother of invention”
The invention that nearly ruined its inventor
Take a flight back in history to 1903
As Annika Sorenstam competes on the PGA Tour, find out how golf was invented nearly 500 years ago
Invention Mysteries Crossword puzzle
If necessity is the mother of invention, then these men are the “fathers of invention”
“Invention Mysteries received positive comments from our sponsors … I have two sponsors who sponsor the stories at $50 each. You have been great to work with and I love your stories.”
— Nelia Fonseca; NIE Coordinator of The Herald News, Fall River, MA)

Meet Thomas Edison, the greatest inventor of all
Meet Jerome Lemelson, the most prolific inventor of the modern era
Meet Stanley Mason, who sold his first invention at the age of seven
Test your knowledge of inventors & inventions with this pop quiz
Take a ride back to the 1800’s to see how bicycles were invented and re-invented
It’s time to de-bunk some invention myths
De-bunking more invention myths
Find out which invention saved former President Bush’s life
Left-handed Leonardo … a clairvoyant and an inventor
These celebrities co-starred as real-life inventors
The story of the Leaning Tower of Pisa … and the Illinois inventor who figured out how to straighten it
Did Rube Goldberg ever invent anything worthwhile?
Australia … Birthplace of boomerangs, sport utility vehicles and “black box” flight recorders
The future looks bright for these four inventors
Who invented television — an American, a Russian-born immigrant or a Scot?
A hunter’s dream: A story about fishing reels, bows and arrows and guns
Who really invented baseball — Alexander Cartwright or Abner Doubleday?
What’s so interesting about a postage stamp?
Will the real inventor please stand up?
Can this inventor prove that the Loch Ness Monster does – or doesn’t – exist?
MANY, MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM — over 125 stories to choose from!
“We had a lot of new subscribers sign up for the paper on the day INVENTION MYSTERIES first ran.”
— Hastie Kinter; NIE Coordinator of the Indiana (PA) Gazette

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“The Pleasanton Express has just finished publishing eight installments of Paul Niemann’s INVENTION MYSTERIES. These stand-alone chapters provide readers with insightful stories behind well-known inventions and the gifted inventors behind them. INVENTION MYSTERIES stories are great for Newspapers in Education programs, area teachers and adults. Each chapter includes art work and newspaper activities, all at a great price. Learn the surprising details behind trademarks, the World Wide Web, the material used for bullet-proof vests and much, much more. INVENTION MYSTERIES will entertain your readers, and teach them at the same time.”
— Lisa Luna, Lifestyles Editor / NIE coordinator of the Pleasanton (TX) Express