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"Welcome to the official home of INVENTION MYSTERIES. Here you'll find the 2 books that I wrote -- which make great Christmas presents -- along with information on our syndicated newspaper column, NIE materials and also the TV and radio versions of the Invention Mysteries stories."

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Home of the INVENTION MYSTERIES and the RED, WHITE & TRUE MYSTERIES syndicated weekly newspaper columns: 

Dear Editor / Publisher ... 

Read some of the stories, author's bio and reader testimonials:

RED, WHITE & TRUE MYSTERIES reveals the little-known true stories behind the men and women who shaped America. Half of the stories are about women. This interesting column appeals to readers of all ages, including younger readers who are accustomed to short sound bites and are targeted heavily by advertisers.

Newspapers who carry our RED, WHITE & TRUE MYSTERIES weekly column benefit in 5 ways:

1.    It is unique and has mass-market appeal.
2.    People love stories that reveal secrets!
3.    You get fresh material each week -- material that's not available from a staff writer or local writer -- at a low cost.
4.    The stories are educational -- ideal for students.
5.    Proven track record of 6 years in syndication !

Read some of the articles, author's bio and reader testimonials:

Format for newspapers (without illustrations) ...

  • FREQUENCY:        Weekly (52 weeks / year)
  • LENGTH:                450 -- 650 words
  • DISTRIBUTION:    E-mail & web (so you can copy & paste)
  • RATES:    Rates are based on circulation as follows: 


Cost per week:

Fewer than 10 k


10 k 50 k


More than 50k


To run the Invention Mysteries column in your newspaper each week, please call Paul Niemann at 800-337-5758 or send him an e-mail at The column is also available as part of your NIE program. Satisfaction guaranteed -- thanks!

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