How you can manually flash firmware on any Samsung phone with help of flashing tool

We all know that every smartphone needs to be updated. All Android phones consistently updated to the latest version of it. If it does take a long time so you can update the firmware manually through the “Odin Download” tool. Everyone wants the best smartphone which gives good service and features. This helps users to buy an Android phone, which phone they should buy. Samsung phones consistently updated pretty well, even if it does take some time to roll out the latest update. We will show you how you can use this software.

Manually Install Firmware

First of all check Software updates in your Samsung model, if your phone is “up to date” but you know that update is available for your Samsung model, So you can update it with Samsung’s “Odin” tool for getting advantages of it. Odin is a Windows tool that works to install firmware on Samsung devices easily. You can easily find and download it from its official site or third-party source. Odin is an official tool of Samsung, that allows your phone to load the essential files for flashing firmware.

If you want to flash your device firmware, remember one thing before using it that Samsung does not offer Samsung Odin Tool to the public. You will need to find the official Odin version from right third-party sources and XDA Forum for updating your device easily with the latest version.

  • Download & Install Odin tool to your Windows/PC
  • After that, you will need to extract/unzip it to a certain location of your PC. The file types that Odin supported are .bin, .tar and .tar.md5.

How to Flashing the Firmware

  • Follow these easy steps to Boot your Samsung device into Download mode;
  • First Power off your phone
  • For Old Samsung Phone: press the power key + home key + volume down until your phone vibrates
  • For New Samsung Phone: press power key + Bixby + volume down
  • Now you can see the green robot icon on your device’s screen and “Downloading …. Don’t turn it off !!)”.
  • Plug your phone into your Windows/PC with USB cable.

Now Odin is set to work. Open Odin software on your PC. You’ll see a message in the ID: COM section on the bottom left of the Odin interface that says “Added!”. The main section of Odin buttons are included- BL (Bootloader), AP (Android partition), CP (modern firmware), and CSC (Consumer software customization).

There is no need for all four above files. It depends on the version of Odin that you used. If you want to flash full ROM, so you will need all four files.

Add the file and after that click on the “Start” button to begin the flashing process.

Now wait until the flashing process is completed successfully. If all goes well, you will see a big green box of “RESET” or “PASSED” above the ID: COM section. Now just click on it to reboot the phone.

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