How Latest Technology is Motivating Young Readers

How Latest Technology is Motivating Young Readers

Books used to be a real thing in our childhood, but changing times also made all our favorite books digitally available on a small smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. It is absolutely true that today you can easily roam with many thick books of thousands of pages in digital form in your pocket.

Most of us started reading with books made of paper, but now in front of us, the whole set of books is confined on a small phone. All this has happened after the arrival of possible digital media. Today, both options printed books and digital books are available in front of children, completely different from earlier times.

Digital books are also called e-books which are easily saved in our smartphone and you can easily read them by looking at your computer screen too. Since the advent of digital media, researchers have started collecting answers to important questions related to it. There are many important questions related to children’s reading habits. For example, does reading from digital media make any difference in children’s reading skills? You will get answers to some important questions like this in our article.

There is no doubt that children spend more time on digital platforms rather than reading from real books, If they feel the need, then they can easily take a print out of the content available on the digital platform, which is less time consuming and less expensive than going to the market to buy a book. The biggest advantage of reading on the digital platform is that children can easily access the content they really need by finding keywords, which is even better than the hard work like turning unlimited pages in a paper book.

But it also has some disadvantages, such as always going from one topic to another, children do not focus on any one topic and everything they read remains incomplete. This led the researchers to conclude that while reading from a digital platform, children are trying to get information quickly, so that is why they skip the long paragraphs and move on to reading short paragraphs which provide less information as they are written in short.

But we have to make sure that even if the children read through any medium whether it is digital or paper books, they feel connected to them and try to earn the knowledge completely and not just to get incomplete knowledge in a hurry.

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