How Can Someone Be Tracked for Downloading Content From Torrent?

Torrenting or using the torrent sites to download the desired content has become very popular these days. People continuously go for this way to get the file having a huge amount of data very quickly.

The site, khatrimaza is definitely one of them. It is the highly infamous torrent site that gives users access to watch movies. It has a huge amount of content with varieties like short movies, documentaries, etc.

Also, the torrents are free to use. From downloading movies and tv shows, users can even go for downloading the updates too, especially in the videogames.

But, it is really important to understand the difference between legal and illegal sites. Some torrent sites only promote the copyrighted content and that is what makes the use of that particular torrent site illegal.

It is quite popular to hear that while using torrents, we are being tracked and you must know that it is right. Yes, we can be tracked while using the torrent sites, how? For that, we will have to dig a little deeper into the concepts.

First of all, we must know about the tracker. A tracker comes with the downloaded file. In other words, when we download the file from the internet, it is connected to a tracker. Tracker stores information like the IP address of the user and which part of the file is owned by each of the peers.

Furthermore, it will tell the BitTorrent about the identity of the peers, the parts that we need and who has them, etc. We already must know that a file has so many parts and it shows the client of the torrent about the information that which person has what part. This is very important while the file distribution. It reduces the mess.

And, where do all of these trackers get stored? It is called the Central server and this is not encrypted. While you are using the site, your IP address shows you as a peer who is either uploading or downloading the content.

And, no wonder, they can also track your name by associating your IP address with your country. So, if anyone wants to know your identity, it can happen by looking over the tracker. You can avoid this by going for the downloads without trackers. When there are no trackers, there will be no issues as such.

This is how the whole process of tracking works. This can be an issue. We mean that it is safe to reveal your identity to any of the people like this. There are trust issues. Also, we don’t know why they are tracking us and what can they do to our personal information.

Imagine the same thing happening with the illegal torrents. Those sites are only running for money-making and they don’t have any sense of responsibility at all.

They can definitely misuse your identity and other information. That is why it is being said that torrent sites are not safe to use. Being illegal is another aspect but safety is a major concern too.

Now, we know that how are you getting tracked while downloading torrents. The best solution can be the use of a VPN. That VPN must be very suitable for the process of file sharing.

It can definitely save you from the process of being tracked. The internet will show you the other ways too but using the right VPN is always at the top. Stay safe!

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